Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | August 12, 2006


Update: When I wrote this post I was still revativly new to the world of Resident blogs, so I hadn’t see too many. As multiple people have now informed me, I was quite wrong about that statement. Live and learn…

I just noticed, it seems that myself and Jade Lily are the only SLers that use the WordPress engine. Everyone else uses Blogger. Hmmm….very strange indeed.



  1. Nope, there are a few of us. You just need to track us down :)

  2. Hey! I’m all over WordPress, thankyouverymuch. And you’re even linked to me! :)

  3. Sorry, my bad. Your layout wasn’t obviously a WordPress theme and that’s what threw me. :/

  4. As I reminded you last night, Ordinal Malaprop’s blog also uses WordPress, though it’s not obvious from her site (you have to look at the meta tags to see it).

    (And she’s blogrolled me…I guess my insights must be worthwhile.)

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