Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | August 12, 2006

I Love Scammers

Here’s a transcript of an IM I recieved while at the Shelter pool party a while ago.

Note: I was going to change the names of the people involved, but I have since changed my mind.

[20:20] Nyla Colville: CAN I BORROW MONEY?!!?
[20:20] Alexander Lapointe: what?
[20:20] Nyla Colville: :((
[20:20] Alexander Lapointe: who are you?
[20:20] Nyla Colville: I am the tax collector
[20:21] Alexander Lapointe: ?
[20:21] Nyla Colville: I need 500 lindens or else your account will be banned
[20:21] Nyla Colville: ofr not paying tax
[20:21] Nyla Colville: or you will be evixted from your land if you have any
[20:21] Alexander Lapointe: yeah, nice try. Sorry, I don’t fall for scams
[20:21] Nyla Colville: thats it
[20:22] Nyla Colville: im gonna beat you up
[20:22] Alexander Lapointe: surre
[20:23] Alexander Lapointe: seriously, this has got to be the worst scam try I’ve ever seen
[20:23] Nyla Colville: I’m a really dumb person
[20:24] Nyla Colville: i cry alot
[20:24] Alexander Lapointe: I’d say so
[20:24] Nyla Colville: because im a horrible person
[20:24] Alexander Lapointe: hmmm
[20:24] Alexander Lapointe: nice 180 turn there
[20:24] Nyla Colville: ?
[20:25] Alexander Lapointe: first it’s all beat you up and evict you, now it’s, “oh, feel sorry for me”
[20:25] Nyla Colville: lmao no….
[20:26] Nyla Colville: geeez
[20:31] Alexander Lapointe: Still trying to scam people?
[20:31] Nyla Colville: …. no
[20:31] Nyla Colville: jesus.
[20:31] Alexander Lapointe: I debating on wheter to report you or not
[20:32] Nyla Colville: its fake fucking money
[20:32] Nyla Colville: hoe
[20:32] Alexander Lapointe: no, it has actually value
[20:32] Alexander Lapointe: actual
[20:32] Nyla Colville: ok then
[20:32] Nyla Colville: you are taking this too seriously
[20:33] Alexander Lapointe: no, it’s just that you tried to con me and I don’t appreciate it. I also don’t want you conning others
[20:33] Nyla Colville: lmao and you actually think there is a tax collector on here? jeeez
[20:33] Nyla Colville: i was being stupid
[20:33] Nyla Colville: chill out

At this point a friend of hers IM’d me. (see below this transcript)
[20:34] Alexander Lapointe: of course I know there’s not a tax collector. That’s why your ploy didn’t work. And also don’t try to play it off as a joke.
[20:34] Nyla Colville: ….yeah
[20:34] Nyla Colville: chill out
[20:34] Nyla Colville: kay
[20:36] Alexander Lapointe: no, not “kay.” I rather pissed at your non-chalantness
[20:36] Nyla Colville: uh how about….
[20:36] Nyla Colville: we make this easier
[20:36] Nyla Colville: just mute me
[20:37] Nyla Colville: and end this
[20:37] Nyla Colville: :]
[20:37] Alexander Lapointe: that doesn’t solve the problem
[20:37] Nyla Colville: just mute me
[20:38] Alexander Lapointe: no
[20:38] Nyla Colville: fine then ill mute you instead :) BYE BYE!
[20:38] Alexander Lapointe: fine

Now onto her friend (this one is quite a bit vulgar):

[20:34] Jacquelyn Callisto: uh
[20:34] Jacquelyn Callisto: leave nyla alone
[20:34] Alexander Lapointe: ?
[20:34] Alexander Lapointe: who are yo?
[20:35] Alexander Lapointe: you?
[20:35] Jacquelyn Callisto: im her friend
[20:36] Alexander Lapointe: I don’t recall you being par tof this conversation
[20:36] Jacquelyn Callisto: Yeah well im helping out a friend…
[20:36] Jacquelyn Callisto: so stfu
[20:36] Jacquelyn Callisto: and now i am :]
[20:36] Jacquelyn Callisto: so
[20:37] Jacquelyn Callisto: leave her alone…she didnt take your money..she wasnt being serious
[20:37] Jacquelyn Callisto: she was messing around
[20:37] Jacquelyn Callisto: its a game
[20:37] Jacquelyn Callisto: get over it
[20:37] Jacquelyn Callisto: if you care that much about this…you have no life
[20:37] Jacquelyn Callisto: at all
[20:37] Jacquelyn Callisto: so
[20:37] Jacquelyn Callisto: fuck off
[20:37] Jacquelyn Callisto: kthx bai
[20:38] Alexander Lapointe: the fact that she was messing around is the problem. Someone could have easily fallen for it
[20:38] Jacquelyn Callisto: Well you didnt…so mind your own business <<3
[20:38] Jacquelyn Callisto: and if they
[20:38] Jacquelyn Callisto: did
[20:38] Jacquelyn Callisto: she would have gave it bacj
[20:38] Jacquelyn Callisto: Back*
[20:38] Jacquelyn Callisto: so piss off
[20:38] Jacquelyn Callisto: you dont know her
[20:39] Alexander Lapointe: that’s beside the point
[20:39] Jacquelyn Callisto: No, it isn’t
[20:39] Alexander Lapointe: how so?
[20:39] Jacquelyn Callisto: you’re idiotic
[20:40] Jacquelyn Callisto: SHE WAS FUCKING WITH YOU
[20:40] Jacquelyn Callisto: ITS OVER WITH
[20:40] Alexander Lapointe: and I don’t enjoy it
[20:40] Jacquelyn Callisto: PISS OFF
[20:40] Jacquelyn Callisto: LEAVE HER ALONE
[20:40] Jacquelyn Callisto: OH WELL
[20:40] Alexander Lapointe: I am
[20:40] Jacquelyn Callisto: ITS A GAME
[20:40] Jacquelyn Callisto: MUTE HER THEN
[20:40] Jacquelyn Callisto: BITCH
[20:40] Jacquelyn Callisto: GET A LIFE
[20:41] Alexander Lapointe: I do have a life. A very good one. I also enjoy SL to interact with the wide variety of people.
[20:41] Jacquelyn Callisto: k good..since you have a wouldnt worry about it so much..its just a game..its not the end of the world..
[20:42] Jacquelyn Callisto: other peoplescam for real
[20:42] Jacquelyn Callisto: scam*
[20:42] Jacquelyn Callisto: and shes not one of those people
[20:42] Alexander Lapointe: then why would she play around scamming
[20:42] Jacquelyn Callisto: she wasnt scamming
[20:42] Jacquelyn Callisto: she was messing around
[20:42] Jacquelyn Callisto: get it through your thick skull.
[20:43] Alexander Lapointe: Yes, but how was one to know that to start with
[20:43] Jacquelyn Callisto: well now you do :]
[20:43] Alexander Lapointe: yes
[20:43] Jacquelyn Callisto: sodont worry about it
[20:43] Jacquelyn Callisto: Don’t*
[20:44] Alexander Lapointe: I do because just because I didn’t fall for it doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t have
[20:44] Jacquelyn Callisto: well shes not a scammer
[20:44] Jacquelyn Callisto: and shes not doing it to anybody else
[20:44] Alexander Lapointe: then why did she do it to me?
[20:44] Jacquelyn Callisto: because she was messing around with you
[20:44] Jacquelyn Callisto: how many times doi have totell you?
[20:45] Jacquelyn Callisto: tell*
[20:45] Alexander Lapointe: for what reason? how can anyone find that amusing?
[20:45] Jacquelyn Callisto: well we do …
[20:45] Jacquelyn Callisto: no reason
[20:45] Jacquelyn Callisto: we felt like it
[20:45] Jacquelyn Callisto: :]
[20:46] Alexander Lapointe: wow, you felt like it. Hey, I’m going to go pretend to rob a bank and then tell them I’m joking
[20:46] Alexander Lapointe: just for the heck of it
[20:46] Jacquelyn Callisto: …are you kidding me?..for one ..there’s no fucking bank on here…ITS SLMONEY
[20:46] Jacquelyn Callisto: MONEY
[20:47] Jacquelyn Callisto: WTF DO I WANT WITH SL MONEY?
[20:47] Alexander Lapointe: yes, SL money has value
[20:47] Jacquelyn Callisto: IT DOESNT
[20:47] Alexander Lapointe: in US dollars
[20:47] Jacquelyn Callisto: NOT FOR ME
[20:47] Jacquelyn Callisto: i have money
[20:47] Jacquelyn Callisto: in rl
[20:47] Jacquelyn Callisto: i dont NEED sl money for rl
[20:48] Alexander Lapointe: ok, maybe you don’t but some people make a part time income from SL
[20:48] Jacquelyn Callisto: you’re so pathetic
[20:48] Alexander Lapointe: how am I pathetic?
[20:48] Jacquelyn Callisto: well thats becayse they’re losers
[20:48] Jacquelyn Callisto: Because*
[20:48] Jacquelyn Callisto: because you’re taking this too seriously
[20:48] Alexander Lapointe: ….?
[20:48] Jacquelyn Callisto: its dumb
[20:48] Jacquelyn Callisto: its over
[20:48] Jacquelyn Callisto: get over it
[20:49] Alexander Lapointe: Just don’t do it to anyone else
[20:49] Jacquelyn Callisto: i will
[20:49] Jacquelyn Callisto: its a game
[20:49] Jacquelyn Callisto: i dont give two shits
[20:49] Jacquelyn Callisto: k you’re muted
[20:49] Jacquelyn Callisto: you annoy me
[20:49] Alexander Lapointe: fine

Now tell me, who was in the wrong here? The point that they failed to realize is that: Yes, she was messing around. Yes, it’s just a “game” (don’t want to have that discussion right now :P) However, Lindens do have actual value and even pretend scamming is still scamming and a newbie could have easily fallen for it.



  1. I hope you abuse reported the pair of them. SL doesn’t need that kind of person.

  2. Yes, ARs are definitely indicated in both cases.

  3. Yea, but I think the problem is that many newbies thinks this is a game. I know I did for the first hour. But now I see it more like an advanced form of chatroom with a whole bunch of extras. A masked man used a gun and tried to mug me in the shelter a few days back too. I told him the rules, and then ignored him.

  4. Yeah, however, I know for a fact that Ms. Callisto has been in SL since January 06. You would think that by that time any type of “fun” that this “scam” would have would be kinda pointless.

  5. Thanks for posting this very entertaining and yet infuriating encounter.

    What a bunch of freakin idiots. They sound like 15 years old. Report their asses.

    Here’s my take on virtual and real scammers:

  6. They clearly seem to be kids and don’t belong on the adult grid. I hope they got reported. So nice to know that LL keeps the log of all chats so this should be a no brainer.

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