Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | August 15, 2006

Good Times and Great Friends

Update: OK, I finally got everything linked that needed to be. Sorry bout that. :P

I have to say the past two nights that I’ve spent in SL have been the most wonderful of my virtual life.

Sunday evening’s events all started with me making an almost life-sized Travis doll for Building Shelter. During the time between Building Shelter and Payment Podium, I tweaked the doll so that it was smaller and in a sitting position and I then stuck it on the contestant seat until the start of PP. Afterwards, I was hanging out dancing with Skye and I had the crazy idea pop into my head to stick the mini-doll on my head. With a few tweaks and positioning, I now had a funny looking hat on. After getting a good response from those in the Shelter, threw in a simple talking script for the hat. (Thanks for the original message idea, Skye!) More after the break…

Well, this led to that and ended up with this photo:
The Dance of the Trav hats!

Being the awesome people that they are, Erbo Evans and Danielle Ferguson invited me to come check out their store, Don’t Panic!, and maybe set up a vendor there. After arriving there, I quickly pulled out the full-size Trav doll and threw a script into him to the enjoyment of Dani, Erbo, and Skye. A few minutes later, Erbo realized that to change what Trav doll said I was having to go and change the script everytime. He then pounded out a chat relay script with macros which you can view here. I stuck it into Trav doll and in minutes I had all three of them rolling. I then made the mistake of giving each of them a copy of Trav. Let’s just say that it’s extremely hard to swallow your drink and laugh at the same time.

The next day, I logged on at about 12pm SLT and was greet by Skye who playfully chewed me out on the fact that she couldn’t get any sleep after laughing so much. After a fun filled day of dancing, finding out that Tangle was a Flaming Lips fan, setting up a vendor at Don’t Panic! and the Shelter, and Trivial Obsession, I was back at the Shelter hanging out with the evening crowd. All of a sudden, Reina pops off and I then get a teleport offer from her asking if I’d like to come and party at her place.

After arriving, Dolmere puts on his stream and starts treating us to a long list of unsigned artists. Eventually, Bubble, Skye, Erbo, and even Mera show up and we all have a good evening of just sitting around the fire, listening to good music, and chatting about this and that. Oh, we did also sacrifice FE Bear and Trav doll in the fire which was fueled by Dol’s head. Even as people started logging off, or in Mera’s case going back to slave labor, it all was still really enjoyable. Plus, it was nice being able to talk to everyone without the constant background noise of the Shelter.
Us at Reina's

Well, after my long-windedness, I’ve come to my point. In the relatively short time that I’ve been in SL, I’ve made some amazing friends. Personally, I believe that is what SL is all about. Not the businesses, not the strip clubs, not the money, but the people. I hope that all of you who read this, new and old residents and any people who aren’t in SL, are blessed with friends as wonderful as my SL friends are. These two nights have made me begin to understand how the death of Chris Ellsworth affected those who knew him. I never expected that I could connected with someone I’ve never me, but this group of people are living proof of that. Thanks you all! Double thanks to you, Reina, for even having us over because if you hadn’t this would have not happened for quite a while.
On Reina's roof

More photos from last night on Snapzilla under my name.



  1. Hiya Lex,
    It was great hanging out with you too! :-) We will need to do it again sometime when my ISP is not being a butt and dropping my connection.
    BTW The Travis Doll asked me to let you know that he will get the Charmin. ;-)

  2. You need a Snapzilla sidebar on your blog, Alex…the Snapzilla site has the IFRAME code you’ll need to add one to your top-level template.

  3. Glad you are enjoying yourself Alexander L. :) Also glad that you enjoyed the indie tunes – I dont get to play my “unknown” music much when the request box is out for obvious reasons.

  4. Alex:
    Truly one of the most fun nights I’ve had in SL :) Hope your project is going well..and that we see you again soon :)

  5. Always a pleasure, Alex. Thanks for the kind comments. :)

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