Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | August 23, 2006

Ok, finally…

Updated: See bottom of post

Ok, sorry about that delay.

*Warning!* Excessive use of parenthesis follows!

Anyway, as a few of you know, lately I’ve been unable to be in-world very often. However, this past Sunday I was able to pop into the Shelter for a couple hours and join the birthday festivities. I got there just in time to see most of Building Shelter. During the game, Dolmere sent me an IM asking if I could throw together a script that would identify the wearer of a touched Trav Hat. After asking if the user’s initials could be shown and being the scripting newb that I am, I popped a copy of the Trav Hat’s script off to Dol. (After some permissions problems. :P) A few minutes later, he sent the script back to me and I threw it into the hat and attached it. One click later and I saw, “Trav Hat: (AL) I founded the Shelter…..”

Wonderful. Now one could identify who’s hat it was. (At least, anyone would hasn’t already got a hat.)

The funny thing was was that Dol thought the Hat’s saying was being put in by the people who had owned it. He didn’t realize that it was what I had put in.
Ok that wasn’t nearly as funny as I thought it would sound, but oh well.

Anyway, towards the end of BS, Tateru Nino showed up! Once BS ended, I got some interesting pics of both her and Mera, who seems to have gone red and black now.

It was really interesting meeting Tateru for the first time. I was IMing her for a bit and she seemed really glad that the people there at the Shelter didn’t plague her to death. (Props to you guys!) Plus, we also got into a friendly debate on morals and a person’s view of what is right that ending with me falling into my own bog of debating for a perfect world. (I gotta stop doing that. :P)

The rest of the evening was rather uneventful. Watched the dancing and all  until it came time for Payment Podium. Interestingly enough, Carl Metropolitan, host of Trival Obssesion at the Shelter, was the first contestant. Anywho, I had to duck out of there before the end of the game, but I did snap a quick shot of Tippy Fizz’s little purple rabbit who I believe is named Bonnie. (Correct me if I’m wrong Tippy. :))

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to you, Shelter!

Update: Ack! I forgot to mention that I was able to stop by and visit Dani and Erbo’s new location for their store Don’t Panic!. The new building looks fantastic as does the water feature they put in the centre of the store. Plus, a wonderful piece of poseball art, that was made by none other than the amazing Torley Linden, is on display there. Erbo and Dani were also graced with a visit by Torley herself!



  1. We had a lot of fun with the Trav hats on Saturday night, too, as I think you noticed from Snapzilla. XD

  2. Red is the new purple!

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