Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | August 29, 2006

Weekend Write-up, Part 1

Wow, I’ve got to say that this past weekend in SL was extremely busy!

As a few of you know, I’m currently working on a project that only allows me to log into SL on the weekends. During the week, I don’t have access to my SL comp since I’m basically living with another friend who’s working with me. :P So, I’ll be trying to get in-world when possible, but I make no promises. :)

Anyway, moving on….

Friday evening started out normally with me going to the Shelter to see who was there and dancing. After being in-world for about an hour, I noticed someone mention a sale at ETD. I was all, “What?! Sale?! I’m off!” And of course, once the wonderful people I was talking to noticed this, we formed a frenzied shopping group. Anyway, after starting the Teleporting chain off with Skye, Reina, and Keeva, quite a few of the Shelterites ended up there including only other guy there, Benwin.

Some interesting hair shopping then took place, which included me trying on multiple female demo hairs. Hey, I thought the pigtails looked good on me! Anyway, I did notice an interesting style and color that Patience had purchased.

Obviously, I thought, “Torley,” but I think the color looks good on you, Pati.

Moving on, after a bit we were joined by a friend I had met through skydiving, MissPrint. (Side note: My encounter with her and her partner, Mikka, was what kinda pushed me to do a skydiving 101 class. More on that later.)

So after debating, this style or that, I finally settled on three male styles: Chaotic, in silver and silver burnt, Virile, in Black and Black/Silver, and one other style that I can’t remember, but it looks like my old hair style only with a darker red.

After that, I took Reina up on an earlier dance offer and we started getting down right there in the middle of ETD.

The shopping trip finally ended with Jacek settling on a nice little style. (Though a little before there was talk of doing a Bond & the Bond Girls photo shoot. That may be a little project that would be fun to do. I may go on a poseball search next weekend.)

So after that, I was invited by Erbo to come see their flat. After hanging there for a while, and sitting in the sleepy chair, Erbo and Dani invited me to tag along to look at homes with them. Once they found one that they liked, I headed out for a while to finally buy a little item that’s been on my wishlist since Day 1 of my SL life. A friggin’ blimp! I was so excited about it that I popped back over to Erbo’s place to take them on the madien voyage. I have to say the craft flies beautiful and we had a wonderfully smooth flight around the sim.

So, after that I headed back to the Shelter where I head LameJane mention that she’d found a soccer pitch. I figured it was the Midnight City pitch and decided to tag along since I had been wanting to stop by and see it anyway. Several crashes later, I finally made it to the pitch where we put together a game o’ soccer. However, the pitch has the design flaw of having archways behind one of the goals and after running out onto the street to retrieve the ball multiple times we finally did this:

And thus ended my Friday.

God, I’m long-winded. I’ll try and be a bit more brief for Part 2 with should be coming in a bit tonight tomorrow.


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