Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | September 7, 2006

Just To Let You Know…

Since I’ve started my RL project and only been in-world on the weekends, I’ve been trying to blog about my weekend adventures. However, this past weekend in SL was one in which I discovered how hard one can be affected by the tales of people you’ve never met in RL. It’s been a weekend that’s made me truly appreciate the pain and loss that those who knew Chris Ellsworth have gone through. When I had found out about this, I had not run across his path while at the Shelter, so while I was sorry that he had passed on, it really didn’t affect me like the death of a relative or friend would have. However, I felt my heart get ripped in half by some very personal incidences that were related to me this past weekend. Because of this revelation, I’d like to finally give Chris the tribute that I should have when I first learned of his death.

On a lighter note, I’d like to congradulate Woodie and Keeva on their wedding this past Labor Day. Well wishes to both of you!

Keeva and Woodie



  1. Unfortunately, while Keeva and Woodie were tying the knot, I was somewhere in the Colorado back country, getting home from Durango as fast as I could manage. I was sorry to miss the ceremony…

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