Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | September 23, 2006

Regret and Happiness

First off, I’d like to apologize for my recent lack of posts. I’ve noticed that this has become  a recurring theme with blogs and I. I start of well and then begin to really lose a drive to post. However, with the Lapointe Square, I’d really like to continue on blogging about SL here. Though I think the problem I’m having has to do with the fact that I’m at a loss for what to write. I really don’t want to continually just post about my personal ongoings during the small amounts of time that I can be in-world because that just gets boring after a bit. I’d like to have some commentaries on the events taking place in the metaverse, but I find that hard to do without actually being in-world more. So, really, at this point, I don’t know. I would, though, appreciate it if you would bear with me through this and I hope to have more content coming at you very soon.

On a completely different note, at this moment, rather happy for two reasons.

1.) I just read Linden Labs update on the sercurity breach incident. I’m very impressed with how they’ve handled the situation and I was tremedously overjoyed when I read this:

“We’re going to reduce the amount of customer data we store (do we really need your billing address?),…”

Thank you guys! Makes me feel a bit better about future incidences. (Read the full article here)
2.)  I’m about to login very, very soon, so I hope to see quite a few of you all tonight! :)



  1. It was good to see you tonight Lex (and take your money hee hee). I hope to get to see more of you! I miss you buddy and if you want to get some ideas of what is going on in the metaverse you can always look at my blog. :-)

  2. One of the beauties of blogs, Alex, is exactly the “This is what I did today” aspect, because everyone’s day is different. If you can force yourself to blog a little everyday, you’ll find your thoughts coming more and more easily to the forefront, and pretty soon you’ll find your voice. Just keep at it!

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