Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | October 8, 2006

Attacks and Login Closings Do Not Mix Well……

Well, to put it very, very, very bluntly, today has, for the most part, sucked completely. As most of you all know, it’s been a never-ending series of grid attacks and login closures. Now, normally, I could deal with this. Keyword: Normally. However, every single time logins have closed today, I’ve crashed, except once.

Normally, I’m very tolerance and patient with LL about this happenings, but today the tolerance has snapped.

I may be completely wrong here and this may just be the anger talking, but I think closing logins is a completely idiotic procedure. How does blocking people out, yet still allowing people to stay in-world help at all? LL still has to deal with Live Help spamming and IMs from panicky Residents. Why don’t they just shut the grid down and be done with it? That way they could actually get some work done without the constant stream of, “OMG, HELP ME!” coming at them from all corners.

However, I do agree with them doing a rolling restart, but if they do that then they need to get logins open and stop pissing off a lot of people.

A field reporting photo:

On a slightly happier note, Torley has, graciously, left a comment on my photo of Alex Sloane and I on SZ. I promise my recap post will be a bit more “enjoyable.”



  1. True Alex.
    Closing the logins shouldn’t solve anything. Last time they did it, I was in the middle of a serious discussion, when I closed the wrong window by mistake…
    The person I was talking to thought she pissed me off and that I bailed out. Especially since i didn’t come back… I felt sick to the bone, and had to explain what happened later.
    Now everything worked out good anyway, but it could have been a cause for a big misunderstanding.
    Then todays griefer attack, which might not have been an attack after all… Read what I know about it in my blog.

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