Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | November 23, 2006

I Love It!

After recently visiting Idea City in my last log on and being very impressed, I’m very glad to have found Idea City’s blog. In the most recent post, Mr. Joel Greenberg shows off their way of introducing their clients to SL with what I consider to be an ingenious idea. A flying board table!

This is the kind of thing that SL is for. All too often, I see builds that don’t push the limits or go for a new idea when there are plenty of possibilities for it. But with this idea, a new visitor to SL can get a comfort feeling from the table itself and then, while at that cocoon of normality, they can be shown the amazing world that is SL. Mr. Greenberg sums it up so correctly with, “I’ve found this lowering of anxiety as great unintended benefit that allows us to go from, ‘This is weird, I don’t know how this would apply to anything we’re doing,’ to ‘OK, now I get it. Now I can begin to think about how to creatively apply SL to my business.'”


(Thanks to Torley for the find!)


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