Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | December 5, 2006

Shoutouts from Men’s Second Style

Here’s a big thanks to Ryan Darragh of Men’s Second Style for mentioning me in his latest write-up about the new men’s clothing at artelleri.

However, a much bigger thanks goes to Pati and Reina who were the ones who pointed me there in the first place. Thanks! :)



  1. Very coool. Would you consider carrying some Starr-ving artist ties? They are ties based on my abstact art work textures. Kind of 50’s oriented with Picasso, Rothko and Pollack influences. They don’t fit in my line, since I am only making women’s fashion.

  2. Oh, whoops. I think I made you a tad confused. I don’t own artelleri, I just had recommended the store to Mr. Darragh. Sorry ’bout that.

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