Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | February 26, 2007

La La La…..

So Jacek beat me to it, but the ever wonderful Torley has released a new set of musical goodness for one to pamper their ears with. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to listen to the new tunes, stupid life and general laziness on my part, but I’m very, very sure that the new stuff will be quite delectable based on my past experience with Torley tunes and going on Jacek’s usually good taste.

In other news, I gave Linux, more specifically, Ubuntu, a test run this weekend on a virtual machine (with the help of this extremely easy-to-follow tutorial) and I have been throughly impressed by it. So, whenever I a) find the time and b) pull myself away from doing other random crap, I’ll probably set out to partition my drive to get a better effect of running it without my comp screaming obscenities at me.



  1. I know this comes kinda late, but while I was reading your blog, just wanted to say thanxies for the mention, Alexander!

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