Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | June 6, 2007

Another Second Life Guidebook

Once again, I was perusing around at Barnes and Noble when I came upon The Unofficial Tourists’ Guide to Second Life. Being bored as I was I picked it up and flipped through it a bit.

However, I did not have much time to actually read through a good portion of the book, but it seemed like it covered most of the major in-world bases pretty well. There were a few locals that grabbed my eye, but the majority were places that have already been publicized.

I did take a quick look to find out if the Shelter was listed in there and, unsurprisingly, it was. What was surprising was that it was listed under the name, The Shelter In Exile! Okay, I can see how that could have been mistaken considering the book was probably final-drafted around the time that Exile was still steaming along. But then I turn the page and see a photo of the Isabel Shelter, labeled, still, the Shelter In Exile. It made me wonder how they got the photo while still getting the name wrong.

Aside, from the Shelter beef, my verdict of the book is the same as the Official Guide, good if you are very new, but pretty useless for regulars.


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