Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | June 15, 2007

Taking Another Look At Voice

For the past two days, I’ve been trying out the new First Look Voice client and, accordingly, my views on voice have changed a little bit from what they were in this post.

The biggest advantage that I’ve noticed is that it allows conversation maintain a more consistent flow. For example, there have been many times where I’ve started to type out a response to someone’s statement or question, but by the time I finish the conversation has drifted off to something else. With voice, I’m able to immediately start speaking and get whatever it is out and then allow others to expand on that.

On the flip side, I’ve noticed some annoyances that will only get more pronounced if and when voice goes to the main client (hopefully, as Johan predicted, in months).

The major problem is irregular sound quality. I noticed this yesterday when talking with Merle. I logged in during the early afternoon and chatting with some people including him and found that his voice came through almost crystal clear. Then I logged on again in the evening and now his voice was being garbled and cut out. Makes me rather interested on what the cause of that is, probably something from my side, as he seemed to be coming through fine for everyone else.

Multiple people speaking at the same time, feedback, etc. were some of the other minor things that popped up, but then again, you get that in apps such as Skype so it’s not really a readily fixed situation.

Oh, and Happy Rez-day again Reina, even though it was yesterday!

I thought about showing the photo of Sporked, but I feel strangely nice today, so he gets off the hook. ;)


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