Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | June 23, 2007

Philip Linden’s Take on the SL Ageplay Issue?

I attended the first 30 minutes of the Philanthropy in Virtual Worlds discussion between Philip Linden and Jonathan Fanton yesterday morning. I left early due to lag and other distractions. However, one of the attendees, Beth Kanter, summarizes many of the points made and as I was reading though them I notice this little gem (emphasis mine):

Fanton: I’ve been reading recently about newspapers and articles that aren’t entirely positive. Can you talk about security and pornography issues?

Linden: You mentioned pornography. Open spaces like the Internet are always going to be about empowerment and you need to have tolerance. I don’t see a way of fixing and I don’t want to fix it. We as the stewards of this new medium, we should not control people’s choices. Second Life can be the aggregate of public good – we’ll give people the tools what they want to see or not see but not control what people see.

Hmm, did Daniel catch that memo?


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