Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | July 10, 2007

Rambling about AjaxLife

If you have looked at the SL blogosphere within the past 4 hours the name Katherine Berry should be quite familiar by now.

Ms. Berry’s AJAX SL client has now opened a multitude of possibilities for SL residents every where. No longer is a beefy graphics card required just to log into SL. Plus, the long requested ability to IM without logging into the client has now been partially realized.

Yet, what I find to be even more amazing than the web-client, itself, is Ms. Berry’s amazement that the popularity that her build has received.

From New World Notes:

The load currently being experienced was completely unplanned; it was planned as just a “I’m bored and want to talk to m(y) friends in SL from school.”

My mind boggles at the idea that one could build something like this, but not consider how much of an effect it would have on the community.

However, as with every piece of software, there are flaws, some unavoidable considering that there is no ability to “see” into SL. The inability to move your avatar is the most major, as it means that if you are with a group of people 1) they must stay within range of you since group IM don’t work yet or 2) one of them must constantly send you Teleport requests to keep you in range.

Flaws aside, though, I still think it is extremely wonderful to have this and I cannot thank Ms. Berry enough. Here’s to smooth sailing with the continuing development of the client!


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