Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | July 19, 2007

Playing with SLeek

Last night, the wonderful Akela Talamasca made a post at Second Life Insider about a new SL client for Windows called SLeek created by DeltaPHC.

SLeek basically is a halfway point between the full SL client and Ajaxlife. Functions such as local chat, IM, and teleporting are all available, but it also gives access to an inventory, friends list, and a people search.

Screencaps after the break.

The login page with grid status opened:

Main chat (similar to IRC):

Friends list with an opened profile:


Search with a Teleporting window open:


One of the largest drawbacks of SLeek is the lack of a places search and/or the ability to select a certain point in a sim without having to know the exact coordinates. Also, I did notice that the client showed a health meter in non-damage areas, but that’s minor nitpinking.

Definitely a good choice if you want to run SL along with multiple other programs and are not worried about seeing the graphical world (or sitting down), but at least give it a run through before passing judgement on it.



  1. Thank you for posting these pics. I was hoping someone would before I took it for a test drive. I think I am ready now! {:o)

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