Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | July 9, 2007

Look Ma! SL in Firefox! (And Safari)

Gwyneth Llewelyn recently linked to an amazing AJAX based SL client that runs in a web browser built by Katharine Berry!

The client lets you listen in to local chat and start IMs with Residents that you are friends with as long as they are online. You can also teleport across the main grid, but, obviously, all you can see is the chat going on nearby.

Give it a run through at Katharine’s blog.

Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | July 8, 2007

A Day of Fuzzy Goodness

Meeting an awesome co-worker. Going to see the Lion King musical. Getting to see Pati again.

Today was a good day.

Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | July 2, 2007

Election Results

Well, after an unfortunate inventory error, the results are in and, in a landslide victory, Philip Linden was re-elected by the Second Life community!

Congrats to Philip on his win and, hopefully, he will celebrate with a new hair-do.

Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | July 1, 2007

My Vote for the SL Governor 2007 Elections

Here’s to a landslide!


Posted by: Alexander Lapointe | July 1, 2007

An Ocean of Thought

Shivering, I listened to the wind blow past me as I sat on my perch. There had been others earlier, but they, as always, disseminated.

I waited. Waited for the time when another would come. Another chance to feel the rush. To conceive ideas from the flow of the waves that came through me. Having the idea was the first step. From there, if it wanted to risk life, the idea would have to go through endless analyses, full of poking and prodding, from the unfeeling, uncaring, non-creative entity that we all fell before. I had gone through that process before. It took only one attempt before I had my fill. Now, I simply sold the ideas to the others. The ones without the gift. They would be the ones who would bring it to fruition. And when they did, the Gifted would not be mentioned.

We would only be remembered as a forlorn smudge on the path. Slowly selling our minds to live another day.

To conceive just one more time.

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